Floorplan Friday: The Grand

A spacious 3BR apartment in Worthington

The Grand at The District at Linworth combines the best features of a townhouse and loft. This unique and spacious layout offers plenty of space for a family or roommates. The 1,951-square-foot until includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms. One of the bedrooms and en suite are in the loft, which offers the ultimate in privacy for parents or guests. The main living area was designed with a contemporary open-concept floorplan — the living and dining areas flow in to the kitchen, making it ideal for entertaining or keeping an eye on the kids.

The kitchen area has a large work island with a sink and seating, so it makes a great breakfast bar or area for kids to do their homework. All appliances are stainless steel and Energy Star-rated. The cabinets are made from environmentally-friendly reclaimed wood products and countertops are durable granite. There is plenty of room for a full-sized dining table for dinners with family and housemates.

Both ground-floor bedrooms are separated by a hallway to allow lots of privacy. Each bedroom has its own full-sized en suite with low consumption water features, and a huge walk-in closet. The oversized windows throughout the unit let in plenty of natural light and you can also enjoy the outdoors with both a balcony and a patio — roomy enough for outdoor furniture, plants and parties!

There is plenty to do at The Grand. If you have a dog, there are doggie stations located throughout the property and a dog park, so your dog can meet its canine neighbors. Relax at the heated pool and firepit or work out at the Certified Crossfit Center. There also is an on-site movie theatre and Starbucks coffee bar. The community is close to the Downtown Columbus area, which is a short commute via SR-71.

We would love to tell you more about The Grand. Take a virtual tour and contact us if you have questions or would like to submit an application. For your convenience, you can submit requests for information or fill out an application online. If you crave the charm of a loft with the amenities of an upscale apartment community, then make The Grand your new home!


  • Free 24/7 Starbucks coffee bar
  • Fenced dog park
  • On-site car wash
  • Outdoor fire pit
  • 24-hour fitness center with complimentary classes
  • Pool table and volleyball court
  • On-site professional management
  • Online submission of rent and maintenance requests
  • Package acceptance
  • Planned community events that focus on philanthropy and social well-being


To learn more about The Grand or other floorplans at District at Linworth,  contact our team or apply online to reserve your apartment.  

At Vision Communities, we are committed to creating the best apartment communities for you and your family. We feature multiple, pet-friendly apartment layouts, in desirable communities such as Clintonville, Westerville, and Worthington. For more information about our communities, contact our team to get started.

Pool Tips for Summer 2020

Pool Etiquette During COVID-19

Memorial Day weekend is the “unofficial” beginning of summer and signals the opening of pools around the country. However, this year, COVID-19 has definitely disrupted these plans. It’s a tough decision for property managers, who have to decipher regulations issues by the state, county, and in some instances, the city, which is not an easy task.  You can enjoy all of the outdoor amenities your community has to offer, but you’ll need to abide by the rules issued by your apartment management and use common sense.

  1. COVID-19 can’t be transmitted through water. This has been verified by the CDC. Chlorine and other chemicals used in the pool will kill COVID, so you’re safe while you’re in the pool. It’s what happens once you get out of the water, where you need to take precautions.
  2. Maintain social distancing. Pool deck furniture such as chaise lounges, tables and chairs need to be six feet apart. This furniture, along with other common surfaces, like railings, should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Don’t share goggles, water toys, floaties, etc., unless it’s within your immediate family.
  3. Wear a mask. Obviously, you can’t wear a mask in the water, but you can when you are socializing with people around the pool. It’s OK if you’re sunbathing and want to remove it, but once you start engaging with other pool-goers, you should put your mask back on.
  4. Cut out the horseplay. Sure, it’s fun to splash, do cannonballs, upend your buddy’s float, but use common sense. Not only does rough-housing annoy other swimmers, but it doesn’t help in the fight against spreading COVID. How? When somebody gets water in their nose or mouth, the first thing they do is get out of the pool and cough, blow their nose and wipe their eyes. Even with the benefit of chlorine, an asymptomatic person could unknowingly spread the virus as droplets can travel great distances and also linger for a long time on hard surfaces.
  5. Clean up your trash. Yes, there is always that person who leaves their trash laying around their chair. Trash blowing around the pool not only clutters the pool area but can increase the person to person spread of COVID-19.
  6. Wash your hands frequently. Even though you’re going to be in water, you still need to wash your hands before and after visiting the pool area. Carry your own hand sanitizer with you. On that note, the good news is that more local companies are making their own brands of “artisan” hand sanitizer, so the dearth is slowly being replenished. This advice is especially important if you use the restroom or shower in the pool area.

COVID-19 has put a crimp in everybody’s lifestyle but it is what it is.  Vision Communities is closely following the guidelines set by the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health. Our goal is to keep all residents safe while allowing them to enjoy the pool during the hot summer months. Be a good community citizen and do your part by keeping yourself and your fellow residents safe.

At Vision Communities, we encourage our residents to be smart this summer but enjoy the experience of living in one of our apartment communities. We take pride in the communities that we build and want our residents to feel the same way. We’ll take care of the maintenance of the facilities and your apartment, but the cleaning and assembly are up to you! With apartment communities near ClintonvilleDowntown Columbus, and Westerville, Vision Communities has the floor plan and amenities that you are looking for. To learn more, browse our Central Ohio communities and find the right floor plan for you and your family. 

Working from Home in your apartment

Successfully Working From Home

You may be among the millions of U.S. workers who have been abruptly transported from the office to working from home (WFH). While this may be second nature to many, to others, it’s a brand-new concept. If you’re new to WFH, especially if you share an apartment with roommates, you need to devise a plan to be productive, keep the peace with your roomies and maintain work-life balance. The following are some tips for setting up a WFH space that will work for both you and your roommates.

  1. Set up a dedicated work area. Since all of you can’t work at the dining room or kitchen table, the best option is to create a work space in your bedroom. That way you can close the door which will signal to your roommates that you are busy and will also shield you from the noise of other people working. You’ll need a desk or table and a comfortable, ergonomically-correct chair. This is one area where you don’t want to scrimp, as you’ll be spending a lot on time in this chair. You could check with your employer to see if they have any kind of allowance or budget to assist their WFH employees.
  2. Set boundaries with your roommates. Agree in advance about work hours and when they realistically begin and end. For example, if you need to work late for a conference call or to complete a big project, ask your roommates to keep the volume down. You should also have your own office supplies, or create a system if you’re going to be sharing a printer, paper, etc. Be considerate. If you use the last of the printer paper, load up the tray or replace an empty ink cartridge.
  3. Source the right technology. Make sure that your computer can withstand the extra workload. Is it fast enough? Can it accommodate company-issued software or other products you may need to download? You might also be connected to a company VPN, which is a good idea for keeping work separate from personal and also offers a measure of security. Talk to your company’s IT department to make sure everything on your end is good to go. If you and your roommates are all online during the day, bandwidth and speed might become an issue. It would be a good idea to have a group call with your ISP if you suspect there is going to be an overload.
  4. Create a schedule. Plan your workday just the same as if you were going to the office. The only real difference is that you don’t have to commute. Get up at the same time you normally would, have your coffee, eat breakfast, check your email, the news, etc. Then, start working at the same time you would as you would in the brick-and-mortar office. Allow yourself a lunch break and close up at shop at the same time you usually would at the end of the workday. Exchange schedules with your roommates. Set some grounds rules such as when is it OK to interrupt each other. Emergencies only? Advice on how to word a sentence in a report? Computer help?
  5. Schedule breaks. For your physical heath and sanity, schedule frequent breaks throughout the day. First of all, it gives you an opportunity to stretch and rest your eyes. If you can, go outdoors. Take a short walk around the property. This is also a good time to talk with your roommates if these is anything you need to discuss that had to be put aside due to work. Avoid any emotionally-charged issues until after work. You don’t need the distraction.
  6. Leave work at work. Even if you are just moving from your bedroom to the living room. Leave work behind. One drawback of WFH is called work creep. That is when the line between work and personal time start to blur. This can lead to burnout. If it helps, make a plan. At 5 p.m., make a plan with your roommates that you’re going to watch a show on Netflix, go for a run, start dinner, etc. The same thing can apply to the end of the work week. Plan something to look forward to when Friday afternoon rolls around. A lot of companies now have virtual happy hours. You could join in that or plan something fun with your roommates like ordering pizza or trying a new craft beer.

At Vision Communities, we encourage our residents to make our apartment communities home. We take pride in the communities that we build and want our residents to feel the same way. We’ll take care of the maintenance of the facilities and your apartment, but the cleaning and assembly are up to you! With apartment communities near ClintonvilleDowntown Columbus, and Westerville, Vision Communities has the floor plan and amenities that you are looking for. To learn more, browse our Central Ohio communities and find the right floor plan for you and your family.