The Oak: 2 Bedroom Apartment

Floorplan Friday: The Oak

The Oak at Timbers

A 2 bedroom floorplan in Westerville

The Oak is a roomy, two-bedroom, two-story space that combines the ambiance of a townhouse with the amenities of a luxury apartment. Two large bedrooms with en suites are located on the top floor with plenty of privacy and each bedroom has a huge walk-in closet. The washer and dryer are also on the second floor to make doing the laundry much more convenient.

Downstairs is an open-plan living area that flows into the kitchen, which makes The Oak ideal for entertaining. The kitchen is every cook’s dream, featuring granite counters and energy-efficient stainless steel appliances. The crowning gem is a huge work island that includes a sink and extra seating. The dining area is roomy and will accommodate a dining room table and chairs. And lastly, a powder room is tucked just off the kitchen next to the stairwell. One impressive feature of The Oak is the huge balcony that runs the whole length of the apartment. There is plenty of room for furniture, plants and anything else you need for outside living and entertaining.

The Oak is part of Timbers apartment community, located in Westerville, but with easy access to the highways, this community features a short commute to downtown Columbus. Timbers also features access to shopping (Polaris) or outdoor entertainment. This beautiful property is well-appointed and surrounded by the natural beauty of woodlands. There is also plenty to do with recreational activities, a fitness center and plenty of places to walk your dog. The amenities are second to none!

Amenities Include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Garage
  • Business center
  • Hardwood floors
  • Energy-efficient stainless-steel appliances
  • Dog stations
  • 24-hour emergency maintenance
  • Electronic rent payments and maintenance requests
  • Package acceptance
  • Clubhouse
  • Starbucks coffee bar
  • Fitness center


Contact the Timbers property staff to learn about floorplan availability and to take a community tour. You can easily check for vacancies and apply online. If you are looking for a new 2 bedroom apartment, consider The Oak. 

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Being a good neighbor during COVID

Being a Good Neighbor During COVID

The COVID pandemic has been rough on everybody, whether or not you or a loved one were infected with the virus. It’s been difficult adjusting to a “new normal,” and it’s particularly challenging if you have been cooped up for months with your roommates in your apartment. Here are some ideas for keeping your sanity and maintaining friendships and relationships inside and outside of your apartment community.

  1. Social distancing. That’s next to impossible when you all share common the same space but try to do your best by working from home in your bedroom. You can social distance in the common areas of your apartment complex like the hallways, elevators, mailboxes and laundry room. Wear a mask when you go outside your apartment, even if it is only for a few moments. You don’t know who has just been out there, their state of health and what type of PPE they were using.
  2. Be mindful of noise. The neighbors above, below or on either side of you are staying at home, too. Keep the noise down. You never know if a neighbor works night shift or needs to sleep during daytime hours.
  3. Be patient. Everyone is coping differently with the pandemic; some people may be terrified of contracting the virus, whereas others may have a more cavalier attitude. Tempers might be short; people might be tired or emotional. Be mindful of people you encounter out in public, as well as your roommates. 
  4. Buy only what you need. With the exception of disinfecting wipes, the supply chain has stabilized since the empty-shelf days of March and April. Unless there are extenuating circumstances in your community, there is no need to hoard supplies. Leave some for other shoppers.
  5. Volunteer. If you have older neighbors or other neighbors who are high-risk, offer to help. Can you pick up a few groceries? Take out their trash for them? Walk their dog? A little kindness goes a long way.


Lastly, take good care of yourself. If you feel sick, stay home and away from your roommates and neighbors. Practice good self-care. Immerse yourself in a good book or show on Netflix or Hulu. Meditate, journal or take up a new (or old) hobby. Talk to people. Eat a healthy diet and exercise. You know all of this stuff. Being the best you that you can be right now will help you keep peace of mind and relieve the stress of navigating this journey we’re all on together.

Tips for decorating a studio apartment

Tips for Make Your Studio Apartment Look Bigger

Whether it’s your first apartment, you’re downsizing or just prefer small spaces, you may find that a studio apartment is the perfect option for you. Studio apartments are great; they are economical and push you to make wise choices about what you really need in order to live well. Studios are a minimalist’s dream, yet you still may not relish the idea of feeling that you are living day-in and day-out in your bedroom. While studio apartments are compact, there are ways to maximize the space and make the apartment feel roomy. Here are some decorating ideas to give your studio apartment the illusion and feeling of being much bigger:

  1. Choose light, neutral colors for the walls. Light colors reflect light, thus making whatever they touch appear bigger. 
  2. Use mirrors to create an illusion of depth and to reflect the natural light. 
  3. Get creative with room dividers. You can use curtains, bookcases or shelving units to break up a room and create a living area separate from the bedroom.
  4. Create an accent wall with paint or artwork. The eye will naturally travel there, which gives the illusion of more space. Plus, it will add a pop of color.
  5. Hang curtains at ceiling heights. This will add height and a touch of coziness to your space.
  6. Break up spaces with rugs. Rugs also will keep the floor warmer an add interest, color and texture.
  7. Consider a Murphy bed. Murphy beds were very popular decades ago and are making a comeback. It’s great way to keep your bed out of sight during the day and eliminates that “hotel room” feeling.
  8. Use pegboards for hanging kitchen utensils and save valuable counter space.
  9. Make use of corners. You can use corner tables for lamps or books and corner shelves for storage.
  10. Get creative with storage. Can the space beneath your bed serve as a dresser? Can you use an ottoman for a storage container? One key to making a small space look much bigger is to keep clutter to a minimum.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will come in handy when it comes time to move into your studio apartment. You can get as creative as you want and safe trips to thrift stores and antique malls can be great sources for unique pieces that will truly reflect who you are. And of course, you can source all kinds of cool stuff online. A studio apartment can be charming and cozy and be your safe haven no matter what life throws at you these days.

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