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Adding a Pop of Color to Your Apartment Without Painting

When apartment living comes to mind, do you think of a sea of white, off-white, or other bland, boring color? It’s true that apartments are painted in neutral colors to appeal to the broadest range of potential residents, but that doesn’t mean you are resigned to staring at four lifeless walls. Since most leases don’t allow residents to paint the walls, there are plenty of ways to liven up tepid décor with some easy and inexpensive pops of color. Here are some designer tips that won’t wreck your budget.

Colorful artwork

You can choose bright, bold artwork in your favorite colors to adorn your apartment walls. Support local artists by shopping at neighborhood galleries or scouring thrift shops, estate sales, and flea markets for unique finds. You can even find great reproductions, movie posters, and pop art prints online that can even be framed and shipped directly to you. Hang them with no-mark wall hooks. How easy is that?

Pillows, throws, and area rugs

Choose pillows and throws in your preferred hues to place on your sofa or chairs. Area rugs can go a long way in waking up beige or gray carpeting. A bonus: by choosing these types of soft furnishings, you can easily switch them out during the change of seasons and holidays.

Colorful sofa or chairs

Make a statement in your living room with a bold, colorful sofa or side chairs. Choose a solid color or pattern. You will be surprised how much this will elevate your mood when you come home after a long day at work or running errands.

Tapestries or temporary wallpaper

Another way to dress up a room such as your bedroom is to hang a tapestry on the wall or add temporary wallpaper. It adds interest to the room, and you can choose colors to soothe and relax you before going to sleep. Temporary wallpaper goes up easily without difficult bubbles to smooth out and peels off without leaving residue on the walls. 

You don’t need to be stuck in a boring vanilla apartment. With a little creativity and smart shopping, you can personalize your space with your favorite colors, creating an oasis you look forward to hanging out in. Say goodbye to dull walls once and for all!

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