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Artificial Plants for Apartment Dwellers

Tasteful, realistic artificial houseplants

Once you’ve signed the lease, received your key, and done all the other heavy lifting, now comes the fun part … decorating! Nothing adds a pop of color or a touch of freshness like houseplants. But what if you’re one of those people who can’t even grow an air plant? Well, you are in luck! Gone are the day-glow green plastic plants of the past, that were “rooted” in tacky flimsy planters. The artificial plants you can find today are tasteful and mimic their live counterparts so well that few people can tell the difference. Even better, artificial plants require no maintenance except for an occasional dusting and they come in high-quality planters that will complement any décor. Artificial plants are also ideal for allergy sufferers, parents of small children, and pet owners. Moreover, if you travel frequently, you don’t have to worry about plant care while you’re out of town.

You can find a selection of houseplants practically anywhere — online, big box stores, and even lawn and garden centers.

Here are some popular varieties of artificial plants that are suited for a desk or end table or if you want something that makes a statement when you walk in the door.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

These tall, majestic trees feature slender stalks and abundant dark green leaves. They look great in an entryway.

Golden cane palm

This is another tall plant with sweeping medium-green leaves that mimic palm fronds. Live varieties of this plant tend to shed a lot, which makes their silk cousins a bargain.

Aloe vera

The problem with live aloe vera is that it’s tricky to find the water balance, which is a common issue with succulents. An artificial version removes the guesswork, and you can enjoy the pump stalks which range in color from medium yellow-green to dark green with white dots.

Other succulents

You can also choose other artificial succulents such as flowering cacti or non-flowering varieties. Most come in planters with fake sand and pebbles. Artificial succulents look great on a table or countertop.


The pothos is a common houseplant that comes in a variety of colors — medium-green, dark green, or white and green marbled. The trailing vines dress up a mantel or can also be displayed in a hanging basket.

This is just a sampling, but you can find artificial houseplants in colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your taste and budget. You’ll enjoy fresh-looking low-maintenance greenery for years to come and no one will be none the wiser!

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