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Decorating Your Bedroom for Restful Sleep

We’ve all heard and read the reports about the downsides of poor sleeping: obesity, increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, brain fog, memory loss, and more. Plus, it just makes you cranky, tired, and irritable. There are many reasons why you can’t sleep such as insomnia, stress, or other health reasons. (In these cases, you need to talk to your doctor.) Or maybe you’re just a night owl or you live with a bunch of noisy roommates. However, in order to preserve your health and sanity, here are some decorating tips for your bedroom to help you get some quality zzzs.  

  1. Your mattress. This is one area where you don’t want to cheap out. Invest in a quality mattress. A new trend in mattress design seems to emerge every week, so you are certain to find a brand that best suits your body type and sleep style and is within your price range. Most major mattress and furniture companies offer monthly financing at reasonable rates. P.S.: While you’re shopping for mattresses, pick up a nice bed for your dog or cat. Sleeping with your pet may be cozy, but can disrupt your sleep.
  2. Lighting. You have heard all about the effects of blue light on sleep. Try to limit screen time before you go to bed. At the very least, adjust the settings to nocturnal level to help your brain transition to sleep mode. The same goes for TV if you have one in your bedroom. If you have windows in your bedroom, consider hanging blackout curtains.
  3. Temperature. This one is tricky if you share an apartment with only one thermostat. Numerous studies have demonstrated that cooler temperatures promote more restful sleep. You can help lower the temperature in your bedroom with fans and by using lighter-weight, lighter-colored bedding, such as cotton blends.
  4. Sound. If you need to drown out your roommates or other neighbors, you can buy an ambient noise machine. The bells and whistles will determine the cost, but you can block out sounds with nature sounds, such as gentle rain or crashing ocean waves. The same goes for waking up. Instead of being jarred awake by a blaring buzzer, consider being lured into consciousness by soft music.
  5. De-clutter. Being surrounded by piles of dirty clothes, shoes, boxes, and piles of random stuff can be unsettling to your psyche and disrupt your sleep. Do yourself a favor and get your bedroom organized. Donate or sell items that you no longer need or use. You’ll feel better, sleep better, and feel great if you’ve helped a local charity or added a few bucks to your bank account.


By making even a few small changes to your bedroom décor, you can enjoy a more restful sleep. You’ll have a tranquil place to retreat to when you want to get away from your roommates, and you’ll reap the benefits of more energy, greater productivity, and a better mood. Your roommates, coworkers, and your body will thank you.

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