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Apartment Community Dog Park Responsibilities

Sometimes, dog owners are hesitant to move into an apartment because they don’t know how or where to take their dog out for walks and to relieve themselves. Well, the good news is that most modern apartment communities have fenced-in dog parks. Apartment dog parks are a great way to get your canine companion out and about for exercise and to socialize with other dogs residing in the complex. It’s also a great way to meet new neighbors who are also dog lovers.

Before you unleash your dog and let them freely roam the apartment dog park, here are some etiquette tips to remember:

  1. Bring a leash. Although that sounds counterintuitive, you’ll need a leash to walk your dog to and from the dog park. A leash is also essential if a fight breaks out or other situations arise where you need to quickly corral your canine. It’s a safety precaution for you, your dog, other dogs, and humans.
  2. Pay attention to your dog. Sure. It’s easy to start chatting with your neighbors and get distracted but do occasionally check on your dog. You want to be alert to any signs of aggression or bullying by your dog or others. Head off any possible attacks or fights by being attuned to canine body language.
  3. Make sure your dog is spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated. Most apartment communities require residents to be current on their pets’ vaccinations as a provision in their leases. It’s easy to spread highly contagious diseases like kennel cough, and you don’t want the embarrassment or even potential liability of an “amorous” dog hooking up at the dog park; resulting in a litter of puppies to deal with.
  4. Clean up after your dog. Not only do you or other residents not want to step in smelly dog poop, but dogs eat other dogs’ poop. This is another mode of disease and parasite transmission. Some dog parks have plastic bag dispensers; if they don’t, bring your own. Use the waste containers in the dog park or on the property.

Having access to a fenced-in apartment dog park without having to leave the premises is a great perk of apartment living. By practicing good dog park etiquette, you and your furry friend can get some exercise and enjoy relaxing and socializing with your human and canine neighbors.

Vision Communities Welcomes Dogs

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