Apartment Hunting

Choosing the Right Apartment Location

How to Choose a Community that Fits Your Needs

Looking for an apartment is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming as there are so many decisions to make. After you’ve established your rental budget, the next box to check is the location. While the first inclination usually is to find a place close to your job, take a step back and reassess. With so many people now working permanently from home, there are other factors to consider when choosing where to live. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly, especially as you will most likely be stuck there for at least a year before you can more.

  • Shopping

As we’ve learned during the pandemic, grocery delivery is expensive, so at the very least, make sure there is a neighborhood grocery store or market. Think about other businesses you patronize regularly, such as a drug store, hardware store, UPS/FedEx, gas stations, your doctors and dentist, pet supplies, and a big box store. It’s not until you find yourself suddenly needing a particular store and having to drive to the next county, that you facepalm and realize your new neighborhood might not be so convenient after all. If you need to be near clothing stores, shoe stores, or a mall, then factor that into your location decision.

  • Family

If you are from a close-knit family, then you might want to live close to them (or the opposite!) Perhaps if you like to visit your family frequently or rely on them for support, it makes sense to live nearby. Aging parents can also be a concern, so talk to them to figure out mutually agreed-upon needs and expectations and plan accordingly.

  • Friends

Just like with family, maybe you want to live close to your friends. There is no sense living close to your job if you work a lot from home and have to drive a long distance to get together with your friends during the evenings and weekends. As a bonus, if your friends live in a specific area, then they have done all of the legwork and you can just find an apartment and move.

  • Amenities

An apartment community’s amenities can influence whether you decide to live there or not. If there are washer and dryer hookups or on-site laundry, that would eliminate the need to live close to a laundromat. If you have a dog and the apartment has a dog park, then you don’t need to live near a park or other areas where you can take your dog to walk and play. The same goes if you like to swim or work out. If you can at home, then strike those needs off your list.

  • Kids

If you have kids, safety of the neighborhood and apartment community will be paramount. You’ll want to choose an apartment that’s in your preferred school district. After that, you’ll want an area where there are recreational and social activities for the kids, such as a park or playground, or library. It will also be helpful to be close to basic stores like a grocery store and pharmacy.

  • Crime rate

If you are interested in a particular area, do some research on the crime rate; most municipalities keep a crime stats database you can access online. If a higher-than-average percentage of occurrences in the neighborhood don’t deter you, then pay close attention to the security of the apartment community you want to move to.

  • Parking and Commuting

These are important but often overlooked factors. Many apartment communities have their own parking lots. However, lack of assigned parking can be a huge issue and a headache for both residents and management. If you don’t mind parking anywhere, then no problem. You also don’t want to be in that situation where your charming rehabbed apartment in a dicey neighborhood only has parking several blocks away. If you don’t work at home or live close to your job, then you’ll need to have a plan (and some “plans B-Z”) on how to get to work which should entail alternate routes and public transportation.

If you are still convinced that you must live close to your job, these points still make sense. Your goal is to find the best apartment in the most suitable location so that you can enjoy living your life in your new digs and not stressing over logistics.

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