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Aquariums for Apartment Dwellers

Are you yearning for a pet but don’t have the time and energy for a cat or dog? Or maybe you have allergies to fur or feathers. How about fish? Of course, it will depend on the type of aquarium and fish, but aquariums can be a lot of fun, relaxing, and add a touch of color to your apartment. Before you head online or to your nearest pet shop, there are a few points to consider before you go all in on buying fish and supplies.

Check your lease

While most apartments allow cats and dogs, you should double-check if aquariums are allowed. It’s nothing personal against fish, but mostly about the size of the tank in terms of gallon capacity. No property manager wants to deal with a capsized fish tank and the resulting damage to your, and possibly, your neighbors’ apartments. That’s why some leases restrict fish tanks to first-floor units only.

Size of tank

Your budget, lease, type of water and fish, and your willingness to devote time to ongoing maintenance will determine the size of your tank. It’s wise to go no larger than a 20-gallon tank. That way, if you move or other circumstances change with your living situation, you won’t be tasked with draining a huge tank. Also, if you have a small apartment, you don’t want a huge aquarium.


The aquarium must get natural light, but not direct sunlight. Excess sunlight encourages the growth of algae, which can get very difficult to clean out. Having the tank close to the kitchen sink will make it much easier to drain, clean, and fill the tank.

If aquariums aren’t allowed in your apartment or you’ve figured out that they can be a lot of work, there are alternatives. Betta fish are very popular. These colorful Siamese freshwater fighting fish come in vivid shades that will brighten up any interior and they are active and fun to watch swim around. But DO NOT buy them in pairs. Bettas are solo creatures. Goldfish aren’t just pets for children. You can adopt a school of goldfish at any pet store and enjoy hours of entertainment while expending minimal effort on care.

With creativity and planning, you can reap the benefits of having fish in your apartment. Just remember to abide by the terms of your lease and realize that pet fish, whether in a large aquarium or small fish bowl, require love and care, just like a furry or feathered pet. You’ll enjoy being entertained and relaxed while watching these beautiful aquatic creatures living their best lives.

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