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Green Ways to Dispose of Live Christmas Trees

Christmas is over. The halls are undecked.  So what do you do with your Christmas tree? If it’s artificial, then simply pack it back up and store it until next season. Disposing of a live tree is a little more complicated. First, burning your Christmas tree can be problematic, since the sap is highly flammable.  Throwing your tree in the dumpster and let the municipal or private trash service deal with it may be an issue because your trash service may not pick up Christmas trees with the regular trash pickup. Check with your building support staff to see if there are special pickup days for Christmas trees. 

Here are some environmentally friendly ideas for disposing of your Christmas tree:

Donate the tree to a nature habitat. Wildlife and birds can use the discarded tree as shelter and the tree will biodegrade in its natural surroundings, thus enriching the soil around it.

Donate the tree to an area lake. Leftover Christmas trees can be submerged in lakes or ponds. They provide shelter and safety for fish and any algae that grow will serve as a food source for underwater life.

Donate the tree to your town or city. In some cities, the public works department will collect discarded Christmas trees. The trees are mulched and used in municipal parks, gardens, and median planters.

Donate the tree to a community garden. This is a great way to get rid of your tree and help feed your community. At the public allotment, the trees will be mulched and used to feed herb, fruit, and vegetable crops that can feed those living in food deserts.

Consider purchasing a live potted fir tree. You can find these at nurseries. Simply take care of the tree like you would any plant. After the season, you can donate it to a Christmas tree farm, park, or forestry service for replanting.

You can still enjoy the splendor and delightful fragrance of a fresh Christmas tree during the holidays, especially if you have a plan on what to do with it after all the festivities have concluded. By being sensitive about live Christmas tree disposal, you can complete the cycle by giving back to nature.

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Whether you choose a real or artificial tree, where you place it is what really matters. When you live in a Vision Community, you have the freedom to make your space your own, and that includes decorating your apartment to celebrate the holidays.  

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