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Add a Coffee Bar to Your Apartment

How to set up a coffee bar in your apartment

There‘s just nothing like a hot cup of coffee to get going in the morning or if you need an afternoon break or need to stay awake to complete a tough work assignment. Enjoying a cup of coffee is also a great way to socialize with friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Sometimes, though, you don’t feel like standing in line or spending big bucks for a bespoke caffeinated beverage, and as far as that swill that passes as “coffee” goes in the office, by mid-afternoon, it’s a hard pass. With all that in mind, for a little money and a touch of creativity, you can create a coffee bar in your apartment for when you want to gently acclimate to the morning, entertain guests, fuel working at home, or simply relax.

Kitchen island coffee bar

If you have a kitchen island, this is easy. At one end of the island, set up your coffeemaker and other small appliances you may use, such as a grinder or toaster. Find a wire holder for coffee pods and a mug rack or place your mugs on a pretty decorative tray. Arrange your sugar, sweetener, honey, spoons, plates, napkins, spoons, and whatever else you may need on the tray as well. Take it a step further by finding some unique canisters and containers to keep the sugar and other items in. This keeps everything organized and adds some interest and color to an otherwise utilitarian space.

Rolling kitchen island

If your apartment doesn’t have a fixed island, then pick up a portable work island online or at most big box or home stores. You can choose from many finishes, such as wood or metal, and even customize it to suit your taste or complement the rest of the décor in your apartment. Organize your coffeemaker, syrups, serveware, and condiments on the shelves in a manner that’s practical for easy use. The beauty is that you can roll the island out of the way when it’s not in use.

Bar cart

This is the same concept as a rolling kitchen island as it’s a portable option for a coffee bar. You can buy bar/coffee carts most anywhere but have some fun with it. Scour thrift shops, vintage stores, and estate sales to find something unique that reflects your personality and will be a guaranteed conversation starter.

Other ideas for small spaces

Find a small tiered standing shelf unit that you can tuck into the corner of a countertop, or use baskets, colanders, or hanging metal produce baskets. Attach an under-the-shelf cup rack to hang coffee mugs or visualize a different use for a common object. Dress up the area with fun signage or a low-maintenance plant.

With a little money and a lot of imagination, you can create a coffee bar in your apartment. You’ll save money, time, and probably a lot of calories. It will also make the experience of enjoying your favorite seasonal beverage at your favorite coffee shop all the more special.

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