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Meeting People in Your Apartment Community

Finding New Friends at Your Apartment Community

Moving into a new apartment complex is like starting a new job or the first day of school. You’re excited, but at the same time, nervous. There are so many unknowns, like … are the other residents nice? Quiet? What are the community norms? How will you fit in? These are all very real concerns, and you aren’t the only person experiencing them. The other residents in your building will be wondering the same things about you. Getting to know your neighbors is important. There is no unwritten rule you must become besties with everybody on your floor, but having a cordial, casual relationship with a few key people can go a long way in helping you adjust to your new digs. 

Here are some tips on getting to know your new neighbors:

Introduce yourself

You can wait for a chance encounter in the hallway or at a common area like the mailbox, or just be bold and knock on their door. Most people will be happy (and relieved) you took the initiative. It breaks the ice and puts a face to the new name label on the mailbox. If your new neighbor seems receptive, once you get to know them better, you can establish a system where you look out for each other’s place, help each other out in emergencies, etc.

Make small talk in common areas

If you see someone new in the elevator, at the mailbox, pool, or other hangouts, say hello and engage in some light, casual conversation. Asking questions about the complex is a great way to start.

Take advantage of your complex’s amenities

Few people can resist a friendly dog, so taking your canine buddy for a walk on a nearby trail, around the complex, or to the dog park — are all great ways to meet your new neighbors. As a bonus, you may find someone to walk with and you could take care of each other’s dogs during vacations. The fitness center and coffee bar are also great central locations for meeting your new neighbors.

Throw an apartment-warming party

If you’ve exchanged pleasantries with a few friendly folks or just want to throw caution to the wind, hold an apartment-warming party and invite everybody on your floor. It’s kind of a gamble, but usually, one that has a big payout. Few people can resist free food and drinks and welcome a chance to step outside their apartments and mingle. (And some folks are just plain curious and/or nosy!) The worst-case scenario is you’ll have a few people show up with whom you will get to spend more quality time and may result in some new and lasting friendships.

Being the new kid on the block can be anxiety-provoking and stressful. However, if you start slowly and take a little initiative, you will soon feel right at home. As a bonus, you may find your tribe and make some fast friends!

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