Apartment Hunting

Finding the Right Apartment Location

Five Key Considerations for an Apartment Location

Maybe you’re looking for your first home away from home or just got a job offer in an exciting new city. How do you choose where to live? While you might be initially tempted to look for an apartment close to where you work, take a step back. Work-life balance is important, so you’ll need to take a look at the big picture of your lifestyle and how your new apartment can fulfill all your needs.

Work. Living close to where you work is a no-brainer. Nobody enjoys a long commute, especially in bad weather. If your job is located in a remote area or in a high rent district, living close to work may not be optimal. If you do have to commute, look for public transportation options, like busing, light rail, or see if there are bike paths between home and work. 

Recreation. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, finding an apartment community that is close to the things you enjoy is important. Sporting events, concerts, and night life are typically located near the city, so an apartment community near downtown may be the best option. If you are a homebody who wants onsite activities, many apartments offer amenities such as CrossFit, movie theaters and onsite happy hours. Finding the right mix for your lifestyle is an important consideration.

Food.  Do you like to eat out a lot or cook at home? Whichever your prefer, it needs to be a consideration when deciding where to live. Make sure that your new apartment is close enough to these eateries that you enjoy or are within the delivery area. If you’re a foodie who likes to cook at home, proximity to a grocery store is important to keep your refrigerator and cupboards stocked.

School. If you’re a student, it makes sense to live near the campus. Choose an apartment that is within easy walking or short commuting distance.  Safety is also a consideration, especially if you are taking night classes. Look for sidewalks in good repair, well-lit walking areas, and dedicated bike paths. Keep these factors in mind if you are taking evening classes or are a full-time student considering living off-campus.

Church. If you are active in your place of worship, then you need to consider this when searching for an apartment. Staying close to your house of worship is important to staying connected to the friends you make. The longer the commute, the less likely you are to stay involved. 

Finding a new place to live can be exciting! Just make sure that you take a holistic view when choosing the best location. Examine all the areas of your life and weigh the pros and cons of how close you live to where you need to go. That way, you can make the best decision about what you need to be close to and where it’s OK to have a little travel time.

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