Apartment Living

Holiday Decorating Ideas

The holidays are here and there’s no better way to get in the mood of the season than by decorating. And don’t think that just because you live in an apartment you can’t indulge in the fun. There is plenty you can do to transform a smaller space into a winter wonderland. All you need is a little creativity. There can be something rewardingly therapeutic about taking the time to add a little holiday cheer to your humble abode. Here are some ideas especially attuned to smaller spaces.

Small Christmas trees.

Don’t despair that you can’t haul a 7-foot-plus Douglas fir up the stairs and try to cram it into a corner in your apartment. You can find small Christmas trees crafted from all types of materials such as wood, bottle brushes, or an artificial tabletop tree with LED lights. (You can even find miniature ornaments and lights.) Group small trees together on tabletops or a fireplace mantel if you have one. (Bonuses: No watering a live tree or vacuuming up dead needles.)

Bowls of baubles.

Find a large clear glass bowl and fill it with Christmas baubles, pinecones, fir fronds, and a small string of battery-powered LED lights. You’ll have an instant centerpiece for the dining room or coffee table or fireplace mantel. You can also apply the same idea to a lantern. Add to the enjoyment by sourcing bowls, lanterns, or other vessels at thrift shops or hobby stores.

Winter floral.

‘Tis the season for poinsettias and Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) add a splash of color to any space. The traditional hue for poinsettias is red, but you can find one in pink, cream, variegated, and even blue or orange, although the latter two shades are artificial. Christmas cacti sport a cascade of fuchsia and coral blooms, and you can keep them year-round. With proper care, your Christmas cactus will reward you by blooming next holiday season. 

Wreaths and floral garlands.

A popular social media trend is to deck your doorways with an evergreen garland and add festive bows and LED lights. Choose real or artificial and use hangers that won’t damage the walls. A scented live wreath hanging on your front door will welcome you home with its piney fragrance after a long day of work or running errands.

So, deck the halls and enjoy the season. Pour a cup of hot cocoa, light some bayberry candles, and take refuge in your festive, cozy holiday hideaway!