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How to Minimize Indoor Allergens

Don’t Let Allergies Get You Down

Allergies are usually attributed to changing seasons, typically in the spring, but they can cause you misery at any time of the year. In the spring and summer, the main culprits are grass, pollen, mold, and ragweed, but allergens are present year-round. When you first turn on the furnace in the fall, it stirs up dust, dust mites, and other irritants that filter through the system. And if you or your roommate have pets, then pet hair and dander contribute to your symptoms of a scratchy throat, itchy, watery eyes, and sneezing.

There are a few steps you can take to minimize the presence of allergens in your apartment and breathe easier all year.

  1. Vacuum frequently. This is especially true if you have pets. Even if you have short-haired dogs or cats, it’s amazing how much they shed, and many people are especially sensitive to cat dander. Before you banish your furry roommates, make an effort to vacuum at least once a week, more frequently if you have long-haired pets or more than one. In addition to the carpeting, vacuum the sofas, chairs, and other soft furnishings. Using a HEPA filter on your vacuum will help.
  2. Dust regularly. Your apartment may seem more dusty during the winter and that may be due to a dirty furnace filter. Check with your maintenance staff about how frequently furnace filters are changed in your building. If you can, DIY, as you can buy furnace filters practically anywhere and you can find them at all price points. If you live near any major streets or highways, expect more dust – period. Keep all surfaces as dust free as possible.
  3. Keep your bedding clean. Wash and dry your sheets, blankets, comforters, pillowcases, etc., weekly to get rid of dust mites, pet hair, and dander. While it’s comforting to have your canine or feline friends sleep with you, they may exacerbate your allergies. Try to coax them into sleeping in a special pet bed on the floor. Shutting them out of the bedroom can lead to many sleepless nights as they get used to it, but if you can stick with it for several nights, it will help you get a more restful sleep.
  4. Indoor air filters and plants. There are many types of air filters available to fit any budget that you can order online. Just place them in your main living areas and bedrooms. Some models even serve as white noise to block out sounds and help you sleep better. Plants are always a nice addition to any indoor space. Many plants such as philodendrons, lady palm, and dracaena are attractive, low-maintenance, and known for their air-purifying properties. Plus, you can buy these varieties anywhere year-round.

Obviously, if your symptoms persist, see your physician. These are just some suggestions for changes you can implement in your apartment to help reduce indoor allergens. The good news is that the ideas listed here are all relatively low-cost or free!


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