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Ways to Keep Your Apartment Warmer During the Winter

With winter upon us, temperatures plunge and heating costs soar. While your apartment is warmed with central heat and perhaps even a fireplace, staving off Ohio’s frigid temperatures can get expensive. There are some cost-effective ways you can keep your apartment warmer without breaking the bank; many of which simply involve smarter use of existing equipment and furnishings. As a bonus, some ideas add a touch of coziness that will brighten up the bleakest of winter days.

Reverse your ceiling fan.

Typically, heat rises, so during the summer, when you run your ceiling fan, the warm air rises to the ceiling, leaving the cooler air below. However, when you reverse the direction of your ceiling fan, the cold air is pulled upward, so the air closer to the surface is warmer. (Note: this works best with air ducts that release heat towards the ceiling.)

Keep the bathroom door open when you shower.

The warm air and steam will escape to other rooms, which will increase the temperature as well as the humidity level. Speaking of humidity, warm moist air will feel more comfortable, so you could add some portable humidifiers around your apartment. As a plus, the increased humidity will help soothe dry itchy skin and your houseplants will love it.

Use your drapes wisely.

If it’s not terribly cold outside, leave your drapes open on sunny days to take advantage of natural warmth, then close them at night when the temperature drops and on bitterly cold days. Take it a step further by purchasing insulated drapes or curtains in a seasonal color such as winter white or cranberry. You can also warm up your décor with plush throws and pillows or colorful shaggy area rugs.

DIY weatherproofing.

You can use door stops in the space under your door to keep drafts away. You can also find plastic film to place over your windows and balcony doors to add further insulation. Make sure to clear it with your property manager first, though.

Winter doesn’t need to feel like months of gloom and chill.

With a little ingenuity, you can keep your apartment warm while reducing your energy costs. At the same time, you can transform your apartment into a cozy space where you can enjoy the beauty of winter and count down the days until spring.