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Furnishing an Open Concept Apartment

Tips for furnishing an open concept floor plan apartment

Open-concept floor plans have been trending for several years now. These layouts feature one large open space that seamlessly connects the main living area of an apartment to the kitchen. This design scheme conveys the illusion of a much larger space and is ideal for apartment dwellers because they remove that aura of claustrophobia.  The beauty of open-concept floor plans is that they truly are a blank canvas when it comes to arranging furniture and decorating. While in an apartment, you are limited as far as painting, flooring, and finishes go, but there is a lot you can do to transform the space. The only limits are your creativity and budget.

Here are some decorating ideas:

Break up space with area rugs

You can place a colorful area rug on top of a neutral carpet to add a pop of color and design a living space that is separate from the kitchen. Arrange your sofa, chairs, and coffee and end tables around the area rug to create a cozy nook for relaxing and entertaining.

Choose a focal point in the main living area

In most apartments, this will most likely be a fireplace or a TV. If you have both, then mount the TV on the wall above the fireplace mantel. Or, if you don’t use a TV or have it placed elsewhere, then prop a colorful print or canvas on the mantel to instantly draw the eye.

Add a room divider

You can use an accordion screen to break up the space between the kitchen and main living area. Another idea is to place your sofa with the back toward the kitchen to automatically divide the room.

Use rounded sofa furnishings and different textures

Choosing sofas and chairs with rounded edges adds softness and warmth to your main living area. You can also add colorful throws and pillows in smooth and nubby textures (like cashmere, velvet, tweed, or boucle’)  to add interest and comfort. These accents are also easy to swap out during the changes of seasons.

Fill in with accent pieces

This is where you can unleash your creativity. Add your favorite artwork, vases, books, photos, and other small decorative items. Unique floor and table lamps augment existing lighting and add interest. And you can’t go wrong with live plants and floral arrangements.

You can readily source any of these items online or have fun visiting local thrift shops and estate sales. With a little imagination, you can transform your open-concept apartment floor plan into a functional and comfortable space that you will look forward to coming home to.

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