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Plants that Purify the Air

Find a new plant for your Apartment

Spring is in the air and so are plenty of allergen and toxins. If you are sprucing up your apartment to welcome the new season, how about adding some plants to your décor? Indoor plants are inexpensive and most of them are low maintenance. As well as adding a touch of green to your living space, many houseplants remove toxins from the indoor environment.

Toxic chemicals exist in some of the most seemingly innocuous household items. Cleaning products, air fresheners, cooking utensils, and even some scented candles release harmful elements that can cause health problems. Furniture, paint, and carpeting can include formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and VOCs. Also, during the spring, trees and plants are budding and releasing airborne pollens; springtime rain can increase the outdoor mold count. All of these pollutants can lead to watery eyes, sneezing, and other respiratory problems.

Here are eight houseplants that will brighten up your apartment and clean the air as well.

  1. Pothos. This plant is also known as “devil’s ivy.” It grows quickly and has heart-shaped greenish-gold leaves. Other varieties have a marbled cream and green appearance. Pothos make beautiful additions to hanging baskets and are literally impossible to kill.
  2. Philodendron. “Philos” look similar to pothos, having heart-shaped leaves, but the leaves of philodendrons are a bit more delicate in shape and are dark green. Like photos, philodendrons as very easy to care for, and even the most hapless gardener can successfully raise them!
  3. Peace lily. Peace lilies are taller plants and do best in a pot or planter that is on the ground. They bear glossy green leaves and waxy white flowers with a prominent golden stamen. Peace lilies are easy to care for and simply need “dead-heading” when the blossoms are spent.
  4. Spider plants. Spider plants grow clusters of long, thin, pointed green leaves with white stripes. As the plant matures, it grows tendrils that will eventually sprout mini-spider plants. These baby plants can be cut off and planted in potting soil to grow new plants. They look great in a hanging basket hung in a sunny corner of your apartment.
  5. Rubber plants. Rubber plants are a variety of the Ficus genus and can grow to great sizes, so you can keep repotting it as it matures. It produces hearty oval-shaped leaves that are dark green with burgundy undertones. As it grows, string some fairy lights through it to create a living light fixture!
  6. Boston fern. Boston ferns grow large medium-green fronds that will fill out the plant as it grows. They are frequently used in hospitality and retail interior design as they are not only beautiful but easy to care for. The only downfall is to make sure the plant is kept watered as dead leaves will shed. This plant is definitely worth the extra bit of TLC.
  7. English ivy. English ivy is a prevalent species and often grows in abundance outdoors and clings to buildings, especially brick, as it can attach itself to mortar. You can grow a more domesticated variety indoors and just keep it trimmed to ensure healthy, lush growth. English ivy leaves have three points and are medium-to-dark green; variegated English ivy is medium-green and ivory.
  8. Aloe vera. This succulent doubles as a medicinal aid. The gel from inside this plant’s long, knobby silvery-green leaves can soothe burns and sunburn. You can also use it as a facial gel. As aloe vera is a succulent, it can go for long periods of time without water. Just don’t let it dry out completely.

If you’d like some healthy flowers, Gerbera daisies and chrysanthemums are good choices. Both are easy-care and long-lasting and will add a pop of color to your apartment. All of the plants mentioned are easily available at any lawn and garden store. You can also find them at big box stores and even some grocery stores. They are also relatively inexpensive and don’t require anything more than light, water, and some varieties like a bit of plant food. So, if you want to bring a touch of nature indoors and purify the air inside of your apartment, houseplants are a healthy, beautiful, and economical choice.

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