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Preparing For Your New Apartment

A Shopping List For Moving into an Apartment

There’s a little more to it than just selecting cool wall art and must-have barware
Your lease is signed, you’ve unpacked and created some ordered chaos out of your new apartment. That’s awesome. While you’re contemplating the fun stuff like how to fill that blank canvas living room wall, or wineglasses with or without stems, there are a few other more practical purchases you need to work into your budget. You’ll be glad you did when you need to open an aluminum can or add some extra torque when assembling furniture. Here are some suggestions on how to fully furnish and equip your new apartment with the basics for daily living. The good news is that none of these items are abhorrently expensive and can be easily sourced online or in a local store, plus you can be as minimal or extravagant as your tastes and budget will allow.

  1. Bathroom. Obviously, you will need to keep a supply of toilet paper and facial tissue handy. You’ll need toilet bowl cleaner and a brush, a plunger and products to clean the sink, tub/shower and other fixtures. A shower curtain in a fun print (don’t forget the liner) can add a nice pop of color to an otherwise tiny and bland room. Most bathrooms don’t have enough storage, so unless your apartment has adequate closet space, you will need to invest in some type of baskets/bins/boxes or shelving units for extra towels, hair styling/grooming products, heat tools, cosmetics, and personal hygiene items. On the topic of bathrooms, it’s also a good idea to stock up on a home first-aid/medicine stash. This will include your OTC pain relief, cough/cold/flu preparations, upset stomach medications, bandages, ointments, thermometer and whatever else you might need.
  2. Kitchen. You probably already have dishware, silverware, drinking glasses and mugs, (and dish soap) so the next thing to think about a set of kitchen knives. You only need three: a paring knife, a chef’s knife and a serrated knife; you can throw in a sharpening steel if you think you’ll use it. For preparing your food, you’ll need a sauté pan, skillet and larger pot for cooking foods like pasta. Round out that collection with some sheet pans for roasting veggies or baking cookies. If you cook or bake a lot, you’ll need measuring cups (both liquid and dry measure), measuring spoons, wooden spoons, and a cutting board. (Your level of culinary interest and expertise can dictate what else you’ll need.) Other miscellaneous items include a dish drainer/board, can opener, bottle opener, a food thermometer and plenty of kitchen/tea towels.
  3. Bedroom. You will need blankets, several sets of sheets, and a laundry basket/hamper for storing dirty items before washing. There are tons of ideas for organizing closets and dresser drawers, but a few “must-haves” include tiers or pouches for storing shoes and some of those multi-tasking hangers that will hold more than one garment. You can also find special hangers that will keep your ties, belts, and scarves easily accessible and tangle-free. If your bedroom closets are dark, you can find really cool motion-detecting LED lights that you can easily install — no tools required. All they need is a periodic recharge.
  4. Cleaning supplies. Starting with the largest items first, you’ll need a good vacuum cleaner. This is not an area to cut back, especially if you have a pet. The initial cost may seem pricey, but over time, you will recoup your investment and more by avoiding repair costs and outright replacement. A high-quality, well-maintained vacuum cleaner will see you through many years of apartments. Next up is a broom and dustpan. There are all types of dustpans available, including those that will clean pet hair out of the broom bristles. For additional floor cleaning, you’ll need cleaning products (based on the type of material used for your flooring) a mop, and possibly, a bucket (having a bucket is just a good idea anyway). Other cleaning products include a surface cleaner that can work in both the bathroom and kitchen, window cleaner, and any other products that you need to clean your furniture and accessories. There’s a plethora of natural-ingredient cleaning formulas out there, as well as good old baking soda and vinegar.
  5. Tools. Every household should have a basic set of tools. This is especially true if you are a DIY-er or much of your newly purchased furnishings and décor requires assembly. You should own a hammer, regular and needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, a level, wall patching medium, self-adhesive hooks/strips for wall hangings, sandpaper or blocks, and a set of screwdrivers. Another good investment is a cordless screwdriver, which can be found at a variety of price points. Most models feature both standard and Phillips-heads and run on a charge or batteries, making furniture assembly much, much easier. If you are putting together a lot of items, consider buying a set of quality Allen wrenches (hex keys) to replace the cheap flimsy ones that come in the box. These sets include wrenches in a selection of diameters, which should be sufficient for almost every need. Again, like with kitchenware, your needs and level of DIY expertise may require you to expand your tool collection.

Moving into a new apartment is a fun and exciting new chapter in your life! Make it a smooth transition by planning ahead. If you follow the guidelines listed above, you can avoid repeated sudden trips to the hardware or big box store and enjoy your new home much sooner!

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