Apartment Communities

Finding the Perfect Roommate

Sharing an apartment with a roommate is a great idea if you can find the right person. To create an experience that you both will enjoy, consider drafting a roommate agreement. This is a document that clearly spells out the terms of living together. By having the ground rules in writing and agreed on and signed off by both roommates, you have everything in black and white when tough discussions need to happen about one party not upholding their end of the agreement.

Here are some points to include in a roommate agreement:


How will the rent be divided? This will clarify if both parties split the rent evenly and if one party pays the landlord; will one roommate be reimbursed, or will each person write a check for their portion? (Tip: If you are getting reimbursed, request a receipt.)


In some instances, utilities are also divided evenly between roommates. Another arrangement is to have one person pay for certain utilities and the other person pay the rest. For example, if one roommate works from home and uses the internet more, have them pay for that while you pay the electricity and the two of you split the gas bill.

Quiet time

On the topic of working from home, designate quiet hours. During those times, make it clear that you don’t want to be disturbed. Likewise, if your roommate likes to go to bed early and you’re a night owl, figure out what noise levels are acceptable after specified times. Some apartment communities already spell this out in the lease.


Develop a chores roster, where each roommate is responsible for cleaning specific areas of the apartment. If your roommate is a foodie and loves to cook, while you prefer carry-out, they can be in charge of cleaning the kitchen.


This is where things can get uncomfortable. If you and/or your roommate have a boyfriend or girlfriend, how often will he or she be over to hang out or stay over? The same goes for friends and family members.

These are just a few major points; you can also address pets, shared items like toilet paper and food, borrowing clothing and other stuff, and how to divide the security deposit if one person caused damage. Through careful planning and screening, hopefully, you will find a compatible roommate you can harmoniously share an apartment with. Coming home from work or hanging out on the weekends will once again become a welcome respite and not a dreaded undertaking. And as a bonus, you may end up with a friend for life.

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