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Planning a Super Bowl Party

Make This Year’s Superbowl One to Remember

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in sports and for good reason. After months of cheering on their favorite NFL teams, hard-core fans are ready for the coup de grace and it’s even more exciting if their team is playing. So, if you want to avoid noisy crowds and the bar scene to enjoy the big game, why not host your own Super Bowl party? You can transform even the smallest space into a festive atmosphere to cheer your team on to bringing home the esteemed Lombardi trophy.

Plan Your Food Menu

Food ranks right up there before halftime entertainment and the creative commercials. Tried and true favorites include nachos, chips with guac and salsa, veggies with dip, and of course, wings. For the main course, you can’t go wrong with chili or keep it simple, and order (early!) pizza delivery Conclude the meal with something sweet like brownies or pick up some team-themed cookies at the local bakery or grocery store.

Organize a Drink Menu

The most popular Super Bowl beverage is beer, so stock up on two or three types of beer. Non-drinkers will appreciate soft drinks, flavored sparkling water, or an NA beer or seltzer. You can fill a cooler with drinks and ice and keep it on the balcony, to save on fridge space.

Add Creative Games

As an icebreaker before the festivities begin, introduce some games. You can find plenty of ideas online, but think about NFL trivia, rate the commercials, or low-stakes betting on the final score.

Some housekeeping tips include making sure you have an adequate supply of cups, napkins, plates, and cutlery along with trash bags for easy cleanup as the evening progresses. If you have a nervous pet, keep it in the bedroom, so they won’t be frightened by the noise or try to escape your apartment. Lastly, be mindful of your neighbors and let them know in advance that you plan to entertain, then attempt to keep the noise level at a reasonable level. 

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