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Tips for Saving on Apartment Utilities

How to Save on Your Apartment Utilities

In today’s economic climate, everybody is keen on saving money. Add to that, the push to move towards a greener society. Combine the two and you can cut back on your utility bills and do your part in preserving our climate. Here are some ideas to help you save on your utilities without sacrificing convenience and comfort.

  1. Use energy-efficient light bulbs. These days, it’s harder to find incandescent light bulbs than LEDs. LED bulbs cost more, but they last forever. Spring for the initial outlay of cash, and you will be rewarded with longer-lasting, safer light, and lower electric bills.
  2. Control the temperature. This advice has been around forever. Turn the AC up when you leave for the day; likewise, turn down the thermostat during the winter. You can avoid that hassle by installing a smart thermostat. Most landlords will agree to make that swap. You can buy a smart thermostat or some energy companies will install them for free if you are willing to participate in their programs to have the AC and furnace automatically adjusted to correspond with peak energy hours, seasonal usage, etc.
  3. Unplug when not in use. Plugged-in appliances and devices are known as “energy vampires” as they use energy even when not in use. Make a habit of unplugging gadgets and appliances you’re not using and see your energy bills decline. You can also look into smart power strips that will automatically shut off if it detects unused devices or appliances.
  4. Keep your HVAC filters clean. Dust and debris that collect on furnace filters can impede airflow, which makes the unit work harder, thus consuming more energy. It should be the responsibility of your property management company to keep the filters changed, so ask them about their maintenance schedule.
  5. Conserve water. Resist the temptation to run partial loads of laundry or dishes. Only run these appliances when they are full. If you have dishes and cutlery you use over and over, consider washing them by hand. Another good tip is to keep the dryer free of lint. Lint buildup not only makes the dryer work harder and expend more energy, but it can also be a fire hazard.


Other commonsense suggestions include turning off lights and fans when you are not home and using window treatments to add warmth or cooling to your apartment when needed. You can also save money by not using electricity during peak hours which usually are in the middle of the day, but your local utility company can give you the most accurate information for your location. Every little bit counts and by doing your part, you can save money and actively participate in green living which contributes to the greater good.

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