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Pros and Cons of Virtual Leasing

During the height of the pandemic, it was challenging for both renters and landlords to lease new apartments. Lockdowns, quarantines, and other deterrents prevented the typical apartment tour, so property managers had to get creative. Thus, virtual leasing was born. With virtual leasing, prospective tenants can see an apartment online to get a feel if it would be a good fit or not. To streamline the process even further, many property management companies across the country also adopted online leasing applications.

While virtual leasing definitely solved the problem of not blindly renting an apartment, it offers other advantages, such as saving time, but it is also not without its drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons of virtual leasing.


Saving time. Now you can curl up on the sofa in your PJs at any time and tour apartments in any neighborhood you choose. No more having to drive around and search for locations or make appointments for a showing.

Getting the complete picture. Instead of static photos, virtual tours are often 360. You get a panoramic view of the apartment, the grounds, and amenities such as a pool and clubhouse. But what you won’t see in most virtual tours are the less-attractive aspects of the property, such as the parking lot, dumpsters/trash disposal area, and mailboxes.

Look anywhere you like. With a virtual tour, you can explore other areas of town or even apartments in different states entirely. This is particularly useful if you received an out-of-town job offer or simply need a change of scenery. The online search can significantly narrow your options before you schedule an in-person trip.


Not seeing the finer details. Most photos and videos used in virtual tours are of a brand-new unit that’s move-in ready or staged. The goal is to entice you to sign a lease ASAP. What you won’t see are details such as the condition of the doors, locks, and windows, and building security. You also don’t see a complete picture of the property.

Not seeing the neighborhood. Unless you are familiar with the area you want to move to, virtual tours are pretty limited about the area outside the apartment complex. For example, is there a parking lot for residents or is it going to be a constant headache to find on-street parking? How safe is the neighborhood? What types of stores are close by?

Not meeting the apartment manager. Anybody can be charming over the phone or via chat. With virtual leasing, you don’t get to meet the property manager face to face. That may not necessarily always be a bad thing but being able to put a face with a name is more beneficial over the long term. Most humans still prefer the personal touch.

If you are looking for a new apartment, virtual leasing is a good starting point. You can find some options then schedule an appointment for an in-person tour now that most pandemic restrictions have been lifted. It’s better to see the place in person as you don’t want to get locked into an online lease — sight unseen — and be stuck in an apartment or location you hate. Combine the pros of virtual leasing with on-site visits to find your perfect new home.


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