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Safety Tips for Winter

Being in the throes of winter means that it’s a good time to review your winter safety plan. It’s reassuring to know that you can stay warm and cozy in your apartment once you’re in for the night, but getting to and from home, as well as being safe once you get there are worth considering. Some of the benefits of apartment living are that the maintenance team is supposed to stay on top of issues like carbon monoxide (CO) monitors and furnace filters, but there are still steps you should take to make their job easier and your daily life during the cold months safer and more comfortable.

CO monitors

In some complexes, the maintenance department is responsible for taking care of these, in others, it’s the responsibility of the resident. Make sure your CO is positioned in the right area of your apartment and that you maintain the batteries. Always pay attention when your CO monitor alerts you and take it seriously. In many cases, the beeping means the battery needs to be replaced or the monitor was triggered by excess humidity. If it continues to beep, call your emergency maintenance department or 911, open the windows, and go outdoors until the situation can be assessed.

Space heaters

Spaces heaters are a major contributor to fatal house fires each winter. If you use a space heater, spend a little more money to buy a reputable brand that has a UL rating. Don’t place the space heater close to furniture, window treatments, or other flammable objects. Likewise, don’t cover the space heater or store objects on top of it, and never leave a space heater unattended.


The “3 Ps” of winter driving are: prepare, protect, and prevent. Make sure your car is well-maintained; that means fuel levels, brakes, head and tail lights, tire tread, wiper blades, and fluid. Maintain and safe distance between your car and the ones around it and stick to a consistent, safe speed limit. However, don’t drive so slowly that you impede other vehicles such as buses. Leave plenty of room for snowplows and emergency responders. If you start to slide or skid, turn into the skid and lightly tap your brakes instead of slamming on them swerving.


If you take a form of public transportation to work, expect delays and be patient. If you’re an infrequent or first-time commuter, plan your route and know the stops and transfer points for your arrival and departure trips. Have your bus fare ready in cash. Dress in layers as you may find yourself standing in the cold for long periods and doing more walking than usual; wear warm, waterproof boots with a deep tread and carry an extra pair of socks with you in case your feet get wet.

While few people will declare winter as their favorite season, know that it will soon pass, especially if the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow on February 2!  Common sense and taking extra precautions will keep you safe during inclement weather – both indoors and out.

Coming Home to Your VC Apartment

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